JV Battles San Juan Hills

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3/8/18: 12-2 Loss SJH: JV started strong from the opening whistle, with a draw control by Abby Sweetser. A rapid pace to the game saw back-and-forth action between both teams, which captured the attention of everyone watching, and left everyone hanging on the edge of their seats. Within the first ten minutes, Mary Jones bolted straight forward to scoop up a ground ball, running all the way down the field, and keeping control of the ball, even as she was attacked on all sides by three girls. Gracefully cradling, she rushed through the eight meter and scored, the ball flying straight past the goalie and into the back of the net.

In the second half, even though the mid-field was struggling a bit on the draw, the defense kept the team going and was on fire! Kylie Howard and Nicole Bowen worked together to cause at least three turnovers and successfully won possessions and got the ball back to the attack. As a result, attacker Hannah Martinez got possession of a ball behind the goal and executed a strong crease roll to score the Sailor’s second goal of the game! In the end, SJH came away with a 12-2 victory, but the team had a great experience, and everyone was happy with the strong effort of the team. Goalie Reynah Carter made some AMAZING saves throughout the entire game!