JV Takes Down TESORO

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3/13/18: 10-7 Win Against The Tesoro Titans: At the very beginning of the game, Megan Baldwin scooped up a ground ball and ran to set up on the eight meter against the Tesoro crashing defense. A wild pass flew behind the goal, but Abby Sweetser gathered it up before it went out of bounds, and then she outran her defender, and slammed the ball into the goal! Later in the first half, Chloe Parsel rolled around the crease to rocket the ball into the goal. Right after, Birthday Girl Abby Sweetser shot the ball into the bottom left of the goal for her second goal of the game. And finally with 30 seconds left in the first half, Ava Matsunami made a brilliant assist pass to Alexis Lozano, who shot and scored, which gave Harbor a 4-3 Lead.

In the 2nd Half, attacker Maile Burns wrapped around the crease and scored twice and Kirsten Odum added a pretty goal with a shot that went straight between the legs of Tesoro’s goalie! Megan Baldwin, sprinted down the field as a Middy and found the back of the goal twice! With 52 seconds left in the game, Kirsten Odum iced the game for the Sailors with a crazy hard shot! Tessa Chapman stood tall and made some great saves, and Newport Harbor JV won the game 10-7!

Story written by Sophomore Cori Ryan