BOTB Recap

We had a thrilling showdown under the pouring rain against our long-standing rivals, the Corona Del Mar Seaqueens. Despite a fearless effort, we fell short with a final score of 9-10. Both teams showcased their determination and skill. Despite the challenging weather conditions, we displayed resilience and perseverance throughout the entire game.

One of the standout statistics of the game was our impressive shot advantage, outshooting the Seaqueens with 22 shots to 14. Despite this offensive dominance, the Seaqueens’ defense denied several scoring opportunities and kept the game tightly contested.

A testament to our depth and teamwork, five different players contributed to the scoring effort, highlighting our ability to execute offensively as a cohesive unit. Though the final outcome may not have been in our favor, the players demonstrated unwavering tenacity and sportsmanship throughout the game.

As we regroup and prepare for today’s game, this hard-fought battle against our rivals will undoubtedly serve as a source of motivation and inspiration moving forward.

Go Sailors!

Coach Miller